Heidi Schrock & Sohne

Furmint 2021

  • Woman Maker
Every sip of this crisp and elegantly refreshing white from the rolling hills around Austria's Lake Neuseidl reveals something new to explore. Notes of lush lime blossom, chamomile, fresh hay, savory herbs, sponge cake, and brioche, tease and delight the palate, buoyed by mouthwatering freshness and an exuberant spirit. This is exceptional, unforgettable wine. Try it with roasted or grilled chicken, fish, or Salade Nicoise.

Heidi Schrock & Sohne

Heidi Schröck took over her family's winery in 1983, in the historic village of Rust situated in the province of Burgenland about 5 miles from the Hungarian border. Here, as Heidi explains “South-facing vineyards in a softly rolling landscape form an amphitheater around Rust on Lake Neusiedl bringing forth some of the best and most tradition-rich wines in Austria.” She re-introduced historic varietals such as muscat-lunel and furmint from Hungary while continuing to work with more classic Austrian varietals such as Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder, and Welschriesling, and in 2003 was awarded the prestigious “Falstaff Vintner of the Year” one of only a handful of women to obtain this distinction. Heidi is the long-time leader of Cercle Ruster Ausbruch, an organization whose goal is to bring back Ausbruch, a sweet wine reminiscent of Hungary’s Royal Tokaji that had not existed since the phylloxera outbreak in the 19th century.


Burgenland, Austria

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