Fernet is a style of amaro, or bitter digestif, typically served after a meal with espresso in Italy. The Branca family's bottling is by far the most well-known example, based on a recipe dating back to 1845. While the exact formula is a family secret, its 27 herbs include quinine, rhubarb, chamomile, cinnamon, linden, iris, saffron, zedoary, galangal, and myrrh.


Fernet-Branca is an all-natural digestive bitter made from over 40 herbs, spices & roots from 5 continents. Originally conceived by Bernardino Branca in 1845, the recipe still remains a closely guarded family secret. Neat or mixed, drinking Fernet-Branca is a unique voyage of discovery through places, perfumes, and flavors.



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