Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 12 Year Bourbon

750 ml
Elijah Craig created a new expression of American Whiskey when he first charred
oak barrels to make Bourbon, 250 years ago. Today, charred barrels are still integral to their production process and the possibilities are endless. To sip Barrel Proof is to experience Bourbon in its purest form: smooth, straight from the barrel, and without chill filtering. Each bottle is hand labeled with its unique proof and batch number; but the nose, taste, and finish are pure Elijah Craig.

Elijah Craig

The Reverend Elijah Craig was a Baptist minister, educator, agricultural capitalist and pioneer in western Virginia's Bourbon County, in what is now Kentucky. In 1789 he founded a distillery and started aging corn whiskey in charred white oak barrels. The efforts of Rev. Craig—known forevermore as the Father of Bourbon—and others led to the creation of an economy and a market for surplus grain for the newly colonized region.


Bardstown, Kentucky

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