High West Distillery

High West Double Rye Whiskey


This blend of straight rye whiskies combines the ubiquitous 2-year-old, 95% rye mash from LDI/MGP (Redemption, Bulleit, Willett, Templeton, Dickel) with a 16-year-old, 53% rye/37% corn mash from Barton Distillery. The extra corn sweetness and age from the Barton whiskey temper some of the more aggressive aspects of the LDI rye, resulting in a complex drink with botanical notes of anise, juniper and mint combining with more traditional rye spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, with an underlying backbone of spiced rose honey and cocoa.

High West Distillery

Like many new spirits companies, High West Distillery does not distill its own whiskies. The lengthy barrel aging required to produce a nuanced whiskey is a luxury most upstarts don't have: time is money. However, while most of these negociant brands either usurp an old brand's history or fabricate their own fanciful heritage, High West stands apart for its transparency, and excels at sourcing and blending some interesting barrels for some equally interesting bottlings.


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