Courvoisier VSOP Cognac MINI

50 ml
Legend has it that Napoleon held Emmanuel Courvoisier's cognac in such high esteem that he took with him hundreds of bottles to enjoy during his years in exile. This reserve became known as "Le Cognac de Napoleon," a description still proudly borne today on all Courvoisier cognac. On the palate, it starts with bruised stone fruits, leading into notes of jasmine, and finishing with ginger bread spice.


In 1828, Felix Courvoisier created a house that was welcoming to all and deeply believed in supporting the makers and craftspeople in Jarnac, France. Ever since, the House of Courvoisier has recognized the importance of nurturing the drive, passion and creativity in these individuals around the globe – especially those who may have the odds stacked against them.


Jurnac, France

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