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Courage & Conviction Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky


“Have the courage of your convictions,” was a saying the late Dr. George G. Moore, founder of Virginia Distillery Co. often repeated to friends and family. This credo became a core principle and eventually the inspiration for a new line of American Single Malt whiskies called Courage & Conviction.

Using the highest quality malted barley and fresh spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and ultimately aged for a minimum of four years in used Sherry casks, this American Single Malt whisky opens with beautiful aromas cherry and fig. On the palate, the whisky is exceptionally smooth and a touch creamy, with hints of golden raisin, baking spice, and caramelized plum. Produced from 100% malted barley, this is a great gift or capstone to any evening with friends and family.

Virginia Distillery Co.

The late Dr. George G. Moore had two great passions: his adopted home in Virginia and single malt whisky. Born in Ireland, he founded Virginia Distillery Company in 2011 after a building a string of successful businesses in the U.S and abroad. Today, George’s wife, Angela, their son, Gareth Moore, along with his wife, Maggie Moore, have taken the helm to continue building George’s dream. 

Using the highest quality malted barley and fresh spring water fed from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia Distillery Co. whiskies were developed to leverage Virginia’s climate, allowing the broad temperature shifts to add depth to the spirits, which have been distilled in hand-hammered copper pot stills crafted in Scotland. This signature style is what makes these whiskies uniquely, distinctly American. 


Virginia, United States

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