Col di Lamo

Brunello di Montalcino 2018

  • Woman Maker
This delicious Brunello di Montalcino contains all the grace that Brunello is known for-- lush, decadent notes of blackberry, morello cherry, leather, tilled earth, and tobacco. Smooth tannins round out the experience, making it a savory and exciting partner to bold, hearty dishes such as short ribs, oxtails, and even burgers.

Col di Lamo

Giovanna Neri, founder of Col di Lamo, has a degree in law but inherited her father’s love of wine after growing up on his farm in Montalcino. After taking over the family’s operations in the mid-1990s, she is now a highly successful and sought-after winemaker. Giovanna’s unique touch is now supported by that of her daughter, Diletta. Their great enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication have made Col di Lamo one of the most dynamic, refined wines in the Montalcino area.


Tuscany, Italy

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