Dad's Hat

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

750 ml

Crisp, smooth, and delicious, Dad's Hat Classic Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey is made from rye and malt grown in the Keystone State and it is aged for at least six months in charred, new oak casks. Named Craft Whiskey of the Year in 2015, the whiskey offers notes of crushed grain, grass, sweet baking spices, and bitter herbs that are integrated and balanced all the way through to the smooth, round finish. A perfect sipper for any occasion. 

Dad's Hat

Dad’s Hat was founded in 2010 in Bristol, PA. It's the first distillery to operate in the Keystone State since 1989. Their mission is to distill and deliver classic Pennsylvania Rye spirits following over 200 years of American distilling tradition. “Pennsylvania Proud,” Dad's Hat produces a true Pennsylvania rye whiskey by using mash bills made with rye and malted barley grown locally. Every drop of Dad’s Hat Whiskey is mashed, distilled, aged, and bottled on-site at the distillery in Bristol.


Pennsylvania, United States

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