Cihuatan Distillery

Cihuatan Jade Rum 4 Year Old Rum


Cihuatán Jade is a premium white rum crafted in honor of the Mayan goddess of the arts, Chac Chel, muse to ancient artists and craftsmen, who used talismans carved out of jade to invoke her graces.  Proudly handcrafted in the Cihuatán valley  of El Salvador, it has been it has been aged for 4 years in ex-bourbon casks, with aromas of custard cream, white chocolate, vanilla, and bananas. Great for mojitos!

Cihuatan Distillery

Master distiller Ron de El Salvador uses his land’s ancient Mayan heritage as his inspiration. The Maya were insatiably curious, which drove them to study the stars and numbers, to explore new lands and to create ahead of their time. This same curiosity drove us to create what had never been done: El Salvador’s first rum, crafted by hand in the heart of the Cihuatán valley. At Cihuatán, we cherish and celebrate this curiosity that drives us all to learn, explore, to grow and enjoy life. Invoke your curiosity.


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