Chianti Classico Riserva ‘Lodolaio’ 2015


Selected from premium Sangiovese plots, this Chianti Classico riserva holds incredible character that is reflected in its name. “Lodolaio” is a type of falcon seen in Europe, a tribute to the precision of this wine and the altitude it comes from. Bright red color with purple reflections. Fresh scent, complex with intense fruit reminiscent of the scents of red berry fruit such as cherry, currants, blackberry and raspberry. The spicy notes lead back to licorice, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and dark chocolate with a vanilla finish. The taste is warm and inviting with elegant tannins.


Castelvecchi Chianti was acquired by the Paladin family in pursuit of noteworthy, superior, and inimitable Chianti Classico. The estate dates back 1000 years rooting it in the history of the area and possessing a distinct terroir that can only be found in the hills of Radda. Castelvecchi's innovation is achieved through extensive research and scientific implementation of a land that is already exceedingly unique. It permits the capture of time found in the soil, telling the winery's story.


Tuscany, Italy

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