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Bennett Cocktail Bitters

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Bennett Bitters Esoteric Collection contains Woodland Wild Hunt, Spicy Scorpion*, and Exotic Exorcism. All three original best-selling flavors in one box set.

Three - 60 ml bottles.

Small batched and hand bottled.

Bennett's Bitters

Bennett Bitters, based in Queens, New York City, is an organic alchemical bitters company that unites herbalist tradition and innovative culinary flavors to create unforgettable spiritual taste experiences.

Their journey began in 2012 when Joseph Bennett formulated a small line of bitters which were carried at several local Seattle bars. After a successful release in Seattle, Joseph moved to New York to reinvent the company and together with his wife, Yana, formulated a new and improved methodology for capturing and blending herbs and botanicals. After years of formulating recipes and hundreds of experiments later, the company was relaunched in 2018 by Joseph and Yana in New York City.


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