Roulaison Distilling

Barrel Aged Rum


The Barrel Aged Reserve utilizes casks ranging from five to fifty-three gallons, which have originally held bourbon, rye, brandy, wheat whiskey, single malt and more. The rum is placed into casks at the pre-prohibition maximum of 110 proof to extract less bitter oak tannin and to mature with much more complexity. Each barrel is individually sampled for readiness.

Roulaison Distilling

Launched in late 2016, Roulaison Distilling Co was (appropriately) born out of a casual conversation between old friends over drinks. Andrew Lohfield, a Philadelphia native and Kings County Distillery alum, had long been mulling over an idea and had made up his mind to follow through on it. He dreamed of starting a craft distillery focused on crafting a truly unique rum that pays tribute to its pre-industrial heritage. The culture and history of New Orleans as well as the abundance of sugar cane nearby seemed to him the perfect fit. Patrick Hernandez, a Louisiana native working in finance at the time, was instantly sold on the idea. Within weeks, Patrick and Andrew set off on a “market research” trip; once in New Orleans, Andrew and Patrick were convinced that it was the natural place to launch Roulaison and the partnership was born. 


New Orleans, LA

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