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 Is there such a thing as the perfect vodka? Anytime Farmhouse Vodka comes pretty close! This vodka is distilled using a single varietal organic winter wheat, grown by Breathe Deep Farm in Hudson, NY. The farmers invest in regenerative agriculture – they build biodiversity and healthy soil to sequester carbon which mitigates climate change. It’s crucial for our planet and results in soft, ultra smooth, terroir driven vodkas with cool earthy subtleties. Perfect for a martini, cosmo, or just sipped.

Anytime Spirits

 Anytime’s Co-Founders Maddy & Taylor, met on Maddy’s first day of college in an Intro to Environmental Studies class (a real sign of things to come). They bonded over a shared penchant for cooking, a love of agriculture and a passion for dive bars. Fast forward to spring 2020 and they were roommates in Brooklyn, both working in sustainability and supply chain. Stuck at home–unable to visit any of those dive bars–they turned their living room into a makeshift distillery, trying (and failing) to make homemade Campari. Instead they started infusing herbs and botanicals with fresh fruit juices, and thinking about the connection between the farmers they know and the cocktails everyone loves… and Anytime was born.

About a third of all greenhouse gasses come from our food system or – more specifically – from the process of growing our food. In order to change the food system, Maddy and Taylor believe farmers need to be put front and center, which is why farmers are the heart of their business model. When done right, farming can actually reverse the effects of climate change, which fuels Anytime’s commitment to regenerative agriculture: sourcing the very best produce ensures that they are farming their way towards a more sustainable future.


New York, United States

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