Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro 750ml


While mixology trends have changed, Stanislao’s recipe and process have remained the same since 1885. 40 herbs and spices are macerated for up to 30 days while an extract is created in boiling water. It is then distilled to capture the most aromatic portion, ensuring a wide range of bittersweet flavors including orange peel, coriander and tea. The separate parts are mixed together with water from Italy’s Gran Sasso Mountains, a liquid renowned for freshness and clarity. The amaro, however, is not complete until one last ingredient is added — an ingredient so secret only a handful of people in the world can name it. Lastly, the precious liquid enters the same iconic bottle Stanislao created over 130 years ago – a testament of timelessness and style.

Amaro Montenegro

First produced by Stanislao Cobianchi, Amaro Montenegro was born in 1885 with the name "Elisir Lungavita" and immediately received notable recognition. Barely a decade later, the name was changed to makr the marriage of Princess Elena of Montenegro to Prince Vittorio Emanuele III. Stanislao decided to dedicate his storied elixir to her royal highness, changing it’s name to Amaro Montenegro, and the rest is delicious history!


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