Felsina Ramazzotti

Ramazotti Amaro


Originating in 1815, the first Italian bitter liqueur was invented by Ausano Ramazzotti in Milan. As coffee shops became increasingly popular in Europe, Ausano decided to open an amaro bar near the La Scala opera house as an alternative. It was a huge success that catapulted his amaro onto the world stage. It remains to this day the best selling amaro in the world. The recipe is a closely guarded secret known to only three people. Its 33 ingredients are believed to include orange peel, chinese star anise, angelica root, quinine, rose petals, and vanilla. It offers gentle aromas of mint, anise, orange zest and sarsaparilla root. On the palate it is thick and bittersweet with notes of candied orange, root beer and chocolate. Yummy!

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