Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2021

  • Organic
Seductively fragrant, with notes of honeysuckle and white peach, this Sylvaner hails from Kuenhof, one of the best white wine estates in northern Italy. Located on steep, stony vineyards in the part of Alto Adige (aka Sudtirol) called Valle d'Isarco (or Eisacktal), not far from the border with Austria. On the palate, hints of crisp apple, lemon, and snappy green pear. Try this one with pork, seafood, and sausage pasta. Practicing organic.


The first mention of winemaking Kuenhof dates back to the 12th century, when the land and its vineyards, which are located south of Bressanone, in an area called La Mara, were owned by the Bishop of Bressanone. Kuenhof’s modern history begins in 1990, when restauranteur Karl Mair took an interest in the wine produced by the current owners of the estate, Peter and Brigitte Pliger. Peter and Brigitte were grape growers, selling most of their fruit to local wineries, making a bit of wine in their free time. Mair was so impressed that he helped them connect with winemaker Ignaz Niedrist to start making and selling their own wine. Today, the winery makes about 5,000 liters  (35,000-38,000 bottles) of wine annually. Practicing organic. 


Alto Adige, Italy

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