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Adventure Kit Whiskey Gift Set


New from our friends at Split Spirits, this Adventure Kit is filled with 3 200ml bottles of sustainable whiskies, each with a sense of place, that go beyond the barrel, to discover delicious and distinct flavors. Each whiskey is bottled with wood that is emblematic of its place. 

Inside you'll find:

  • Vermont Sugar Maple Whiskey
    Made with barley, corn and rye grown in the Champlain Valley, and infused with Sugar Maple wood, this grain spirit captures the rugged beauty of Vermont. With notes ranging from maple syrup to banana bread and cookie batter. There's something new to discover with each new taste.

  • New York Black Cherry Whiskey
    Made from 100% organically grown rye just outside of Ithaca, and infused with black cherry wood. With notes of plum, dark chocolate, pipe tobacco and brown sugar, their New York Black Cherry brings flavors as big and bright as the Empire State.

  • Illinois White Oak Whiskey
    Made with corn, rye and barley grown in the Driftless Region of Northwest Illinois, the craft spirit is infused with white oak to produce a wholly Illinois taste unlike any other. It's reminiscent of whiskey with its notes of baking spices, caramel corn, toast and campfire. It's robust body leaves you with a long, dry finish adding notes of rye spice and oak tannin.


Split Spirits

Split Spirits believes it's possible to make spirits that enrich the soil, rejuvenate the forest and refresh our air and water, with no need to compromise the environment to obtain delicious flavor. Because traditional barrelmaking produces less than two barrels from a single century-old white oak tree, they aim to use whole trees (and not just white oak, either) when creating the their aging barrels. Instead of felling still-living trees, they source their wood from lumber seconds—"splits" of wood that would go on to inspire their name. They'll even take some of those splits and infuse them directly into their spirits, like "inverse barrel aging," as they put it. 


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