Hobo Wine Company

Folk Machine Chenin Blanc 2022

  • Organic
  • Woman Maker

Inspired by their first trip to Loire Valley in 2004, husband-and-wife team Kenny Likitprakong and Lynn Wheeler, produce this stunning Clarksburg Chenin Blanc which comes from the Wilson Vineyard on Merritt Island. Chenin Blanc has a long history in the Delta region of California and for good reason. The sandy silty soils and prevalent winds provide a fantastic profile, which can be seen in this wine. With notes of lemon pith, white flowers, and slight honey backed by a hint of funky white button mushrooms and herbs, this white wine is delicious alongside root veggies, poultry, and fish tacos. Practicing organic.

Hobo Wine Company

Hobo Wine Company, run by winemaking couple Kenny Likitprakong and Lynn Wheeler, believes in "unforced winemaking," as they put it. Committed to a value system that extends beyond financial progress, Kenny and Lynn are focused on creating outstanding organic and biodynamic wines with style, verve, and accessible prices. The “Hobo” name refers to Kenny’s winemaking experiences traveling and working place to place. It applies now to the fact that Kenny does not own his own vineyards, but sources fruit from vineyard owners who he has longstanding relationships with around California, some of which he worked with before starting Hobo.


Califorinia, United States

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