Brooklyn Republic

Brooklyn Republic Vodka

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Brooklyn's only locally made vodka, handcrafted in small batches by a Master Blender right by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Brooklyn Republic Vodka is a family run business who’ve had roots in Brooklyn for generations. Meticulously crafted to achieve a smooth sweetness unmatched by others and with absolutely no additives. Distilled across the river in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn from grains grown organically in Missouri, this vodka is one of a kind that lends finesse and flavor to any cocktail.

Brooklyn Republic

Master Blender Gary, wife Zina, and partner Mark all immigrated to the borough more than three decades ago from Eastern Europe, bringing with them traditions and experience. BKR selects the finest grains from the American midwest and Hudson Valley to undergo an initial 6-column spirit distillation right near where they’re harvested. Each still is designed to remove a specific impurity, and BKR chooses this process over traditional stills for its highly refined ability to make exceptional raw spirit.


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