Vero Spritz Rosso


Sprezza is a collaboration of expertise. The goal? To make effortless, authentic Italian spritzes available at the tip of your fingers. Teaming up with Scrappy’s Bitters and Mancino Vermouth, Sprezza aims to create a craft beverage that uses only the finest ingredients and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Italy. Dry, bubbly and refreshing these Italian spritzes are simply made—using only vermouth, bitters, mineral water and carbonation, choosing to focus instead on using artisanally crafted, authentic ingredients. Fresh citrus and acidity wrapped by a glint of caramel, rhubarb and juniper.


In the 1950s, a handful of aperitivo producers in northern Italy experimented with carbonating and bottling their aromatized wines. When Sprezza discovered this lost Italian art, they were inspired to give it new life. Like the original pioneers, Sprezza uses only the finest natural ingredients, by combining aromatized wine from Piedmont, bold cocktail bitters, mineral water and carbonation—that's it. 



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