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Method Sweet Vermouth

750 ml
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Made with grapes grown at New York’s Swedish Hill Winery and Vineyard and distilled at Finger Lakes Distilling, Method Sweet Vermouth is the creation of two New York bartenders who wanted a locally produced option for classic Torino style sweet vermouth for cocktails. Acclaimed by critics, cocktail aficionados, and consumers alike, Method Sweet Vermouth has familiar botanicals including citrus peel, spices such as cassia chip and allspice, savory herbs like marjoram, hyssop, and fennel seed, and floral botanicals like coriander and chamomile. The final additions to the classic recipe are high quality Madagascar vanilla and carefully selected caramel, which both add needed texture, body, and depth.

Method Spirits

Method Vermouth was developed by Cory Fitzsimmons and Jess McGlinchey. Cory is an accomplished barman with over a decade behind NYC bars and former Head Bartender at Union Square Cafe. Jess, a former Biological Oceanographer, joined the bar team at USC where she brought scientific rigor to their experimentation and refinement. Unable to find local vermouth appropriate for classic cocktails, the two set out to make their own and Method Spirits was created. We source wines and brandy from upstate grower-producers who promote sustainable agriculture while a portion of sales goes to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and their Covid-19 Relief.


Finger Lakes, New York

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