Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask Rum


Founded in 1703 to the legendary leadership of Sir John Gay Alleyne, Mount Gay Rum still stands as a testament and love letter to the history, culture and nature of Barbados. Deeply proud and respectful of the land, the unique flavors of Mount Gay come from coral-filtered water, natural open-air yeast married with their proprietary heirloom strain and copper pot still distillation. The Black Barrel Double Cask is rich, complex, yet smooth and round. Crafted from intense and aromatic rums, matured in Ex-American whiskey casks and finished in deeply charred ex-Bourbon barrels. On the nose, woody and butter notes are balanced with dried fruit and spices. Bold and aromatic flavors with notes of gingerbread, lychee and toffee. A warm, medium body with a long finish.

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