St. Agrestis

St. Agrestis Amaro Soaked Cherries

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Brooklyn, N.Y.-based St. Agrestis combined sour Balaton cherries sourced from Michigan and their award-winning amaro for 12 weeks to create these amazing cocktail cherries with herbal, bittersweet, and savory amaro flavors. A perfect match for any cocktail, try them in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned for an artisanal taste of Brooklyn.

St. Agrestis

St. Agrestis celebrates the traditions of Italian aperitivi and digestivi. With old world methods, St. Agrestis is made with real herbs, spices and citrus for real aperitivo and digestivo drinkers. Brothers Louie and Matt Catizone head up the team along with long-time friend and industry veteran, Steven DeAngelo of Greenhook Ginsmiths. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Louie and Steven handle all production of St. Agrestis while Matt spends his time traveling and working to grow St. Agrestis on the West Coast. For the Catizones, being born to a father from Italy and a mother from Brooklyn, it is an honor to share their Brooklyn-made, Italian-inspired spirits with more sinners and saints every day.


Brooklyn, NY

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