Fort Hamilton Distillery

Single Barrel Rye Whiskey - 375ml

  • Kosher
  • Local

This is the flagship offering from Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton Distillery, produced from a mash of 90% New York Rye and 10% malted barley -- a nod to the traditional mash bill seeded in the years prior to the American Revolution, when New York was the epicenter for whiskey production in the nascent United States. Aged for at least three years in American white oak, each barrel is individually bottled in Brooklyn at 90 proof. The finished whiskey offers bright notes of caramel, cherry, juniper berry, spearmint, lemon zest, and white pepper. Kosher.


Fort Hamilton Distillery

In August 1775, Alexander Hamilton’s Hearts of Oak militia orchestrated a daring raid on British forces in lower Manhattan. Under fire from the HMS Asia, they seized and repurposed a battery of British cannons, forming America’s first artillery company. Fort Hamilton Distillery’s historically inspired spirits from Alex Clark Spirits in Industry City, Brooklyn, are created in the spirit of that revolution. Surrounded by landmarks of the Revolutionary War, the distillery is named after Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton, which in turn is named after Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. The distillery was founded with a mission: To celebrate and recapture the “spirit” of America’s original whiskey style, New York Rye. With an emphasis on the grain rather than the barrel, their spirits are barreled and bottled at a proof which lend themselves to cocktails while remaining balanced, bold, and nuanced on their own.

In addition to its award-winning straight rye whiskeys, Fort Hamilton Distillery also produces critically acclaimed single cask rye, blends of straight rye whiskey as well as high-rye bourbon, and corn-based American dry gin and vodka.


Brooklyn, NY

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