Trentadue Winery

Chocolate Amore Port-Style Red


This opulent dessert wine is made from Merlot grapes grown on Trentadue Winery's Geyserville Ranch. Borrowing from the traditions of port making, they add neutral grape spirits to stop fermentation trapping a percentage of sugar in the wine. Once the wine is finished ageing and is ready for bottleing, a tiny amount of natural chocolate extract is added to the final blend, creating the perfect marriage of food and wine. This Merlot-based, port-styled chocolate flavored dessert wine is great over vanilla ice cream or as a stand-alone dessert.

Trentadue Winery

The Trentadue family arrived in Sonoma County long before the region gained a reputation as the Wine Country. Life-long, hands-on agriculturists, Evelyn and Leo Trentadue contributed significantly to the advancement of their region over the years. In 1959, the Trentadues decided to flee the developers encroaching on their apricot and cherry orchards in Sunnyvale, the area known today around the world as Silicon Valley. To preserve their way of life, these hard-working Italian ranchers purchased 208 acres of land in Sonoma County's then remote Alexander Valley.


Sonoma County, CA

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