What's Your Pouroscope? Scorpio Edition!

As we enter into the fixed water sign of Scorpio, everyone is feeling incredibly intense emotions while focusing on what’s real. Encourage the connections and relationships you've made last season, in the hopes of them forming into something life changing. It’ll be easier to get to know them on a deeper level, as you discover what’s truly important to you, purging anything that no longer brings you happiness. 

With Mars, the planet of action, making Scorpio its home for the next four weeks, desires are most likely to be achieved through the sheer force of focus and instinct. Unconcerned about politeness, Mars in Scorpio is delivering determined energy that encourages you to pursue the things you’re passionate about. As you use this time wisely, we’ve got you covered with a collection of star sign inspired wines. Check them out below, along with our new Scorpio Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you bumpin’ all month long.


The Sun is gracing your private and inquisitive eighth house, which is helping you pay attention to every detail, even the ones that seem minor to others. It’ll be easier to tune out distractions as you concentrate on the things on your plate. And with Mars, your ruling planet, in Scorpio, your powers of perception are through the roof! You’ll be able to knock out everything you put your mind to, especially with all the alone time you’re craving this month. 

You Should Listen: "LOST" by NF, Hopsin

You Should Drink: Dirler-Cade Alsace Sylvaner VV 2021


Much like last month, you’ll find yourself leaning on the ones closest to you this Scorpio season. Surround yourself with people who are always in your corner, no matter how crazy your ideas can be. While captivating Mars lingers in Scorpio, you could attract some powerful people into your life. Whether the relationship is platonic or romantic, this new person will add a new spark to your everyday, but could also increase your stress levels as you navigate a new relationship. 

You Should Listen: "Mars" by Alto Moon

You Should Drink: Pewsey Vale Vineyard Eden Valley Dry Riesling 2022


As the Sun beams on your sixth house of wellness and organization, you’re looking forward to using this season to get yourself in order. From creating and sticking to a new morning routine to engaging in healthy habits, this new you will be prepared for anything, as your new regimen allows for decent sleep and healthy eating practices. With the added motivation that Mars is giving you in spades, sticking to your new norm will be as easy as breathing and ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by the chaos of life. 

You Should Listen: "W.I.T.C.H." by Devon Cole

You Should Drink: Jolie Laide Glou d'Etat Red 2022


Hello autumn affair! This Scorpio season you’re feeling quite amorous, which is being amplified by passionate Mars. You’re ready for date nights, especially if it means showcasing your fave fall fit, or expressing your creativity through a new makeup style. Put your talents on display on social media and watch as you start trending. You may find yourself as the next big influencer! But beware, with new fame comes even more drama.

You Should Listen: "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron

You Should Drink: Michel Couvreur "The Unique" Whisky


With a spotlight on your fourth house of domesticity and foundation, you’re looking to restore balance within your family, home, and emotions. You've had a whirlwind couple of months and now is the perfect time to get yourself situated before the chaos of the holidays descends. Leave space in your schedule for yourself so you can rest and practice some self care. 

You Should Listen: "Alien" by Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue

You Should Drink: Marziano Abbona Papa Celso Dogliani 2022


Everything is more fun with friends! And this Scorpio season, you’re ready to hit the town with your besties or mingle within your professional community. By spending time with like-minded people, you’ll have an enthusiastic audience willing to hear your ideas and give you the feedback you’ve been looking for. Plus, with courageous Mars in Scorpio, you’ll have an abundance of confidence to use your resources and implement your ideas. Just be sure to pace yourself until you know your limits!

You Should Listen: "The Night Is Still Young" by Nicki Minaj

You Should Drink: Wandering Barman 'FOMO' Organic Vodka Pineapple Sling Cocktail


While the Sun is no longer shining in your sign, you’re still feeling its grounding energy. Devote this time to advancing your projects. Your diligence is also being reinforced by action-planet Mars, as it radiates motivational energy while in Scorpio. As you create a nest egg for yourself, you’ll start to feel more secure in your future and your ability to provide for yourself and family.

You Should Listen: "The Greatest Show" by Panic! At The Disco

You Should Drink: Gota Mirra Alentejo White Blend 2019


Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is your time to do whatever you desire without anyone or anything holding you back. As the Sun returns to your sign, so does your confidence and can-do attitude. With the power of the Sun backing you, anything you set your mind and skills to will be accomplished. Just be sure to not to overdo it in your zealousness to work on everything. 

You Should Listen: "EAT ME" by Demi Lovato ft. Royal & the Serpent

You Should Drink: Pied a Terre Love On Mars Cabernet Sauvignon 2021


Go off the grid this Scorpio season for a little R&R. Pop a bottle, curl up under a blanket with a good book, and just enjoy some time to yourself. With active Mars in Scorpio, you may feel both wired and tired, but it’s best to conserve your energy for your birthday season. Try to limit the amount of time you spend around others, especially those who tend to be pessimistic, as you’re likely to absorb their negative energy. 

You Should Listen: "You're On Your Own, Kid" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Angol d'Amig Pulonia Emilia Bianco Frizzante 2021


The Sun is beaming on your eleventh house of teamwork and group hangs. Instead of spending your days cooped up in the office, spend time outside and enjoy the crisp fall breeze. As you network with people in your profession, the main focus this season is WHO you know, not necessarily WHAT you do. Once you’ve made those connections, you may find yourself teaming up with some fantastic people who will help you launch your ideas to the public.

You Should Listen: "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)" by will.i.am, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez

You Should Drink: Black Button Distilling Four Grain Straight Bourbon 750ml


What would you like to accomplish this season, Aquarius? With both the Sun and Mars giving you a boost in your ambitions, you’re ready to conquer anything you put your mind to. As you work your way up the ladder, align yourself with people in a position of power. Call your mentor to bounce ideas off of and soak up their sage advice.

You Should Listen: "Glory And Gore" by Lorde

You Should Drink: Domaine de Coyeux Les Cavares Beaumes de Venise 2007


As the Sun gleams on your ninth house of travel and adventure, you’re using the insight you gained from last season to help you expand your horizons. You’re gazing at the world in a whole new light based on what you’ve learned about yourself and the world around you. With passionate Mars in Scorpio, you’re pumped to learn new things, try new experiences, and surround yourself with new faces. 

You Should Listen: "Good Times" by All Time Low

You Should Drink: Occhipinti Il Frappato Terre Siciliane 2021