From September 22nd to October 22nd the sun makes it’s trip through the seventh sign of the zodiac. That’s right folks, it’s Libra season. This cardinal air sign is hardwired to bring balance, harmony and justice. No matter which stars you were born under, you’re likely to be drawn into Libra’s harmony. This is the time to get centered and to start working cooperatively toward goals, which happens to play nicely off of the organizational drive that Virgo kickstarted in all of us. Don’t think for one second Libra is all work and no play! Libra Season is ruled by Venus, craving beauty and balance, so expect things to get dreamy and steamy. Luckily, We’ve got you covered for both sides of the spectrum  with a collection of star sign inspired bottles to help you tune in to what the universe has in store. Check them out below, along with our new Libra Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you vibin’ all month long.

What's Your Pour-oscope


You might have felt a bit disconnected during Virgo season, especially from your inner circle. The Libra sun’s position in your seventh house of partnerships is going to help you reconnect with those around you, and help you to figure out what you want to commit to in relationships and beyond. Your fiery energy makes you quick to fall in love with a new person or hobby and you’re naturally gifted, excelling in both. However, long term commitment can be a problem for you as you chase the thrill of new beginnings. This month’s transition is crucial for you to tap into your desires, so be sure to pay attention to the signs. Having your ruling planet Mars in Libra all month will also  help you be diplomatic and clear in those hard-to-have conversations. It’s okay to harness your quiet strength instead of the big, emotional power you usually use to propel you forward.


Autumn is your season, Taurus! This shift is the perfect excuse to revamp your calendar and make some healthy adjustments to your routine. The sun’s move into Libra coincides with your sixth house of health. All work and no play makes for a grumpy Taurus, and this month you may have trouble balancing self-care with self-indulgence of the emotional and physical varieties. Libra season ensures you have the energy needed to find that balance and helps you hone in on your natural strengths. You're a systems person, you like things to make sense, efficiency alone isn’t enough, you need things to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Use this energy boost to re-tool some of your less than perfect systems, whether it’s buying cute new organizational tools or finally getting that weekly menu planning program underway, you’ll find yourself unstoppable once you get your routines where you want them.


With the sun in a fellow air sign, you are thriving all month long, especially in social situations. Not even your ruling planet Mercury’s retrograde period will dampen your stride! Creativity is at an all time high for you so channel it into whatever is pulling your attention these days. Libra’s romantic influence will be hitting you hard and fast so open yourself up to new possibilities. If you are partnered now is a great time to plan that trip or do something together you’ve never done before. If you are single looking to mingle you’re perfectly primed to meet loads of new people, your charm levels are at a pretty intense high so try not to go overboard. Even relationships that don’t pan out romantically can still broaden your horizons and get you trying out new hobbies that will get that creative spark going. Go forth and conquer Gemini, you’re on a roll.


The stars don’t lie. You’re amping up for a cozy, cozy Autumn, Libra season triggers the natural nester in you as your fourth house of home and family gets a boost from the sun’s position in Libra. You’ll find yourself drawn to home life and making your space a den of comfort. A personal sanctuary is exactly what you need to tap into the harmony driven energy of Libra. Your friends and loved ones will be blowing your phone with invites to dinner parties, scary movie nights and cocktails on the roof. But now’s the time to make your home as comfy as you can; you don’t need to expend loads of energy you don’t have on going out. Play to your strengths and nourish your soul in the process. You’re happiest when you feel like you're the central hub, when you're making people feel safe and loved, and you have an extraordinary ability to do just that.


As an air sign Libra is intrinsically linked with communication and that's where you’ll see the biggest energy charge dear Leo. Your inbox is filling up and your phone is ringing off the hook. Mercury retrograde might throw a momentary spike in your wheels but don’t be discouraged, you have the finesse and skill to work right through that. When Libra sun enters the third house of communication it’s every other signs worst nightmare, but since you draw huge amounts of energy from communicating this actually works in your favor. Like Gemini, this is a good time to meet new people(if you’re dating right now get ready to be bombarded with potential suitors) AND to deepen your existing relationships. You are at risk for emotional burnout with all this energy coursing through your veins so be on the lookout for signs you're neglecting your own needs in favor of the endless external validation train your on. Retrograde will be a harsh and fast grounding so try to temper the astonishing highs you’ll feel to avoid a crushing low. It’s all about balance with Libra, and that balance seeks to show us where we need to develop and Leo needs to develop patience and practice the unforgiving art of letting go. Don’t get bogged down with the little snags along the way and you’ll be shining brightly all month long.


With Libra sun in your second house of possessions, you want the world right now. You are prone to being a little too detail-oriented, and can get caught up in the small stuff. Don’t forget to value yourself and not just your output; balance for you is having a healthy relationship between your perceived personal responsibility and asking for what you need to be happy and healthy. Reward yourself with the things you're yearning for whether they’re physical items or a spa vacation, you work extremely hard and we promise, you deserve it.


Happy Birthday Libra! The sun is finally shining down upon you and it’s bringing out all your best qualities. Harmony, socialization, and beauty are all bounding toward and around you this month. Let loose and enjoy yourself. Even though Mercury in retrograde might incur some indecisiveness and insecurity, it can’t keep you down for long. As always your biggest challenge will be finding your self confidence, confidence in your decision making specifically. Don’t give it a second thought Libra, right now you're empowered with all the graces you naturally possess. Your friends will find you extra charming and funny, your work will be easy to organize and manage and your inner self will be radiant and confident, don’t let that nagging voice in the back of your head win, you GOT this.


The Libra sun is into your 12th house of subconscious, enhancing your natural tendency to explore inward instead of engaging with the outside world. With the days growing shorter and cooler, you might find this is a natural hibernation period for you, and that's OK. Decompressing, taking it easy, these are all things you struggle with as the most intense sign of the zodiac. Balance for you is finding harmony between your natural drive for intensity in all aspects of your life and learning to revel and thrive in the natural resting periods where things are, well, just normal. Spend some quality time with yourself after the hustle and bustle of the summer months. You need a little recharge, time to process the lessons you’ve learned and get in touch with your spiritual side-whatever that means to you. 


Like your air and fire sign compadres, you also get a social energy boost as the sun moves into Libra. For you, this expresses itself by activating your 11th house of friendship, so embrace all the newcomers with open arms. You are the free spirit of the zodiac and it can be a challenge to focus on a singular person or goal. Great news Sag, right now you don’t have to! Open yourself up to whatever new experiences the universe throws your way. Don’t forget to set some time aside for yourself though, as solo time is essential for you to think on your deepest desires and how to pursue them. For you balance means leveraging your desire to keep yourself open to anything and everything and the need to forge committed pathways that will help you reach your long term goals. Remember, it doesn’t all need to be figured out today, conscious small steps towards a goal get you where you're going far easier than trying to jump that hurdle all in one go. 


Capricorn, this month is all about work, work, work. This isn’t a bad thing for you as you thrive when you have goals and feel purposeful. In the beginning of Libra season, the sun and Mercury reside in your 10th house of career and social status, so you’re on fire professionally and personally. Take this time to network and make connections in the field and deepen your relationships with the higher ups so they know you're hungry. Balance for you is finding a happy place between work and play. Don’t deny yourself pleasure in favor of the grind, it won’t serve you long term. Schedule time for the things you enjoy other than work, we know you won’t ever “find time when things calm down” so get that calendar out and make a plan! If you can organize your thoughts and have open, clear communication with your supervisors you will achieve what you’ve been working towards. 


Big things are coming your way, be it a transfer at work or finally finding that dream apartment. Whatever the case may be, Libra season is shaking things up to expand and enhance your inner circle. The sun in your ninth house of philosophy paves the way for those big changes and imbues them with extra meaning. Everything happens for a reason and it's your job to interpret what’s happened and why. You’ve always been a deep thinker so don’t be afraid to think cosmically this month.  Use this gift of yours to expand your worldview and challenge your preconceived notions of “the way things are.” Balance for you is harmonizing the world you see before you and the world you imagine. Should you find yourself lost because of some big epiphany that drastically alters your worldview (we’re looking at you Mercury retrograde) try not to fall apart, but use it as a catalyst for positive change both in yourself and in your community.


Pisces, you are in a hard but ultimately rewarding situation. The sun in Libra lands in your eighth house of rebirth, which means yet again breaking down the elements of your life that are not serving you to build them back up stronger than ever. Get ready for mental breakthroughs and big realizations about life, love, work, and self. You’re about to start the journey of reinventing your approach to life in the coming year, and though it is hard work, you’re ready for the challenge! The waters get a little choppy during Mercury retrograde and you’ll have to swim against the tide, but it’s all about perseverance for you. Think of the highs and lows of this season as a test of your grit, you need to prove to yourself that you’re confident and capable. Everyone around you sees you as a pillar of strength, you need to see it too.