Region Of The Week: Puglia

Also known as Apulia, Puglia's name derives from a-pulvia which is Roman for “lack of rain”. It is located in southern Italy at the heel of the boot. Puglia is Italy's second largest producer of wine (both fine wines and wines produced from table grapes).

Regional Spotlight: Puglia

Puglia's terroir is diverse, and largely flat, averaging 5-8 meters elevation. The soils are varied and mineral-rich, and the climate is Mediterranean, with long, dry, and sunny summers tempered by mild, ocean breezes and rainy winters — conditions that helped Puglia grow to produce about 40% of Italy's olive oil. 

Puglia's gotten a bad rep in years past, due to overproduction and inexpensive volume wines. However, in the past decade there's been a bit of a renaissance and a renewed interest in the craft of winemaking. Today, the region produces fresh, expressive wines made from over 40 varietals. The main red varietals are Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Nero di Troia, while the dominant white grapes are Trebbiano, Bombino Bianco, and Verdeca. 

Ready to explore? 

Grab a glass! Here are some bottles to check out on your own:

Filippo Cassano ''Calx" Primitivo 2021

Caselletti Primitivo 2020

Caselletti Ramone Negroamaro Primitivo 2020

Cantine Torrevento "Vigna Pedale" Castel del Monte Rosso Riserva 2016


Photo credit: Caselletti