Grape Of The Week: Vermentino

If you love Sauv. Blancs, you’re going to enjoy Vermentino! An Italian grape thought to be a sub-variety of Malvasia, Vermentino tends to be light-bodied and dry but complex. Known for its notes of lime, grapefruit, green apple, almond, and daffodil, Vermentino can finish with a crushed rock minerality and saltiness. It pairs incredibly well with shrimp empanadas, cauliflower steaks, and prosciutto wrapped melon. 

Vermentino Wines

Based on how the wine is made, Vermentino can have two different styles. By adding a special kind of bacteria to the wine which feasts on the malic acid in Vermentino, the wine tends to be rich and creamy, almost reminiscent to butter. It can offer a rich oily sensation on the tongue. Without the bacteria, Vermentino wines are light, floral, and zesty. 

Check out which of these wines float your boat:

Famiglia Castellani Vermentino 2019

Foncalieu Caractere Unique St-Chinian 2019

Mad Med L'Orange Can 2021

Grape Photo Credit - Magnetto