Grape Of The Week: Sumoll

A grape that is almost extinct, Sumoll is a red wine varietal that is native to Catalunya, Spain. Once widely grown, Sumoll’s vines were pulled to make way for less temperamental varietals, and is now limited to a few hectares. In Catalan, Sumoll means to “wither or mature,” which is a reference to Sumoll’s ability to produce vin de paille, a sweet wine. Best enjoyed young, Sumoll produces both red and rose wines but is most often found in blends. With notes of red fruit and minerality, this varietal sings alongside roasted vegetables, seafood, and pizza.

Pares Balta 'Grosella' Sumoll 2021 From The Greene Grape

Pares Balta Grosella Sumoll 2021

Grosella is the newest release from one of our favorite producers, and a return to their origins. By working with little-cultivated varieties, such as Sumoll, Parés Baltà’s winemaking duo, María Elena Jiménez and Marta Casas, seek to pay homage to the ancestral agriculture that inspires all that they do. This bright, chillable red is full of perfumed, snappy red fruits and vibrant, mouthwatering freshness. This is an all-day, all-night sipper that shines alongside appetizers and light mains.

Vineyard Photo Courtesy of Pares Balta