Grape Of The Week: Pelaverga

A rare red grape from Piedmont, Pelaverga makes light-colored wines with a distinctive strawberry aroma which is normally associated with fruitier Pinot Noirs. Typically found in sparkling wines, Pelaverga helps to showcase a light-hearted side of Piedmont wines. With notes of cherries, raspberries, and red fruits, it can also be compared to Gamay wines. Extremely versatile food-wise, Pelaverga can be paired with grilled chicken and strawberry salad, bruschetta with balsamic vinegar drizzle, and beef carpaccio.

Pelaverga Wine - Basadone

Castello Di Verduno Basadone Pelaverga 2020

Located in Verduno, the northernmost commune of Barolo, Castello di Verduno is a historical estate that has flown under the radar. Mostly known for Pelaverga, a deliciously fine, elegant, grape native to the region. Made from organically grown grapes, vinified with indigenous yeast, and finished with minimal sulfur dioxide, this wine is lively and fresh, with notes of crushed roses, red berries, and pink peppercorns. Some of the Castello di Verduno wines have a drawing of a poppy, which is called Basadone in local dialect. It's fabulous chilled, and perfect for any occasion.

Vineyard Photo Courtesy of Polaner Selections