Grape Of The Week: Hondarrabi Zuri

Named after a town in Basque, Hondarrabi Zuri is the dominant white grape in Basque, Spain. Although similar in name, Hondarrabi Zuri is not related to its red counterpart, Hondarrabi Beltza. With the moist and cool winds blowing off the Atlantic Ocean, Basque wines differ from other Spanish wines. Known for its light and mineral notes of citrus and herbs, Hondarrabi Zuri tends to be effervescent, bright, and fresh. It pairs amazingly with seafood, Caesar salad, and sesame chicken. 

Txakolina Wine

The Basque region has three different DOs (Denominación de Origen), which indicate the geographical origin and style of wine. Although Getariako Txakolina is the smallest DO, it produces the most wine and is the most well-known. Located closest to the sea, the wines from Getariako Txakolina tend to have less acid and green notes. Bizkaiko Txakolina and Arabako Txakolina, the other two DOs, are located further in-land, and produce wines higher in acid and herbaceous notes. Txakoli wines are meant to be enjoyed young to fully experience their well-known characteristics: light, dry, fruity, and effervescent.

Explore these Txakoli wines:

Aizpurua Txakoli de Getaria Blanco 2021

Balea Txakoli Rose 2021

Balea Unfiltered Txakoli 2021

Grape Photo Courtesy of Bodega Aizpurua