Van Volxem

Van Volxem WILTINGER Riesling 20

750 ml
The Wiltinger lends itself well to the Riesling experts as well as newbies. It greets both with a burst of ripe orchard fruits like apricot and peach and follows with a layer of subtle nuttiness reminiscent of apricot kernel oil. The stony minerality will make you feel like a favorite pupil of Demosthenes who put pebbles in his mouth to hone his oratorical skills. This is good because you will definitely want to tell your friends about this!

Van Volxem

Roman Niewodniczanski, owner of Van Volxem, is not a humble man with humble ambitions.  His goal is to single-handedly restore the reputation of the Saar region as the most prestigious dry white wine producing region in Germany, if not the world.  By combing through piles of historical documents and public records, he discovered that the Saar possessed a potential that had remained virtually untapped since the first half of the 20th century.  Since starting the winery in 2000, Roman has slowly been proving this case. His wines are stunning, demonstrating both the true passion of the winemaker and the esteem of the vineyards.


Saar, Germany

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