Bittermens Spirits

Transatlantic Modern Aromatic Bitters

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It’s a little sweet, nicely bitter and surprisingly fruity, this is a new classic aromatic bitter designed to unite the worlds great bitters traditions – not just cocktail spice but bitter liqueur flavor profiles as well:

  • From the most classic Aromatic bitters of Venezuela and Trinidad, Bittermens created a base that includes gentian, clove, allspice and cinnamon. From New Orleans style bitters, they blended in angelica and anise seed From the iconic Italian Fernet, a touch of aloe and chicory, fortify the bitterness in a touch of aloe and chicory
  • From the Alpine traditions, chamomile and dandelion
  • From the tradition of German digestives, cherry bark and licorice

Kosher certified and GMO-free

Bittermens Spirits

While living in San Francisco in early 2007, Avery and Janet Glasser used a high-proof spirit and a variety of herbs, peels and spices to create an extract of a traditional Mexican cooking sauce. This extract became the prototype recipe for Bittermens Spirits. From New York to Boston, San Francisco and around the world, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders are rediscovering long-lost recipes and coming up with new signature flavors which help create the palate of the New American Cocktail. These are the flavors that inspire Bittermens Spirits. 


New Orleans, Louisiana

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