Tip Top Cocktails

Tip Top Gin Martini

  • Gluten-Free

Tip Top Cocktails began with an idea: Good stuff — and particularly good cocktails —should be accessible, especially if a trusted bartender or fully-stocked bar are not. This gin martini, which comes packaged in a charming 100ml can, is crisp and clean, like a new twenty dollar bill, light-bodied but potent, and bracingly dry. Serve ice cold. 

Tip Top Cocktails

Tip Top Cocktails began with an idea: Good stuff—and particularly good cocktails—should be accessible. Founded by Yoni Reisman and Neal Cohen, music industry veterans behind some of the largest festivals in the country, they saw first-hand the growing demand for quality cocktails that could be served on-the-go and in fast-paced environments. The idea became a reality when the duo recruited help from James Beard Award finalist and bartender Miles Macquarrie of Atlanta’s Kimball House. They worked together to develop delicious, well-made, world-class recipes and packaged them up to drink at any time and, just about, any place.


Atlanta, Georgia

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