Weingut Tement

Weingut Tement Gelber Muskateller "Sand & Scheifer" 2020


The Gelber Muskateller comes from seven of Tement's best single vineyards, grown on sandy ("sand") and schist ("schiefer") soils. A true reflection of South Styrian terroir with floral aromatics; it's dry, mineral, and salty on the palate. Absolutely, unapologetically delicious.

Weingut Tement

Styria is the smallest of the three major growing regions in Austria. The subregion of Sudsteiermark, or South Styria, covers 2,563 hectares along the border with Slovenia. Tement makes wines from three villages, Erenhausen, Gamlitz, and Kitzeck-Sausa, and specializes in making exceptional, organic white wines that speak to the essence of this unique region.



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