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A Friend In "Mead" Is a Friend Indeed 4-pk


Our exclusive 4-pack of specially curated artisanal meads is the perfect way to celebrate friends near and far. Here’s what’s inside:

  • All-Wise Meadery “Rhodomel” Mead (750ml):
    Produced and bottled in Brooklyn, this award-winning, dry, tannic mead is steeped in rose petals for a uniquely irrestible aroma and flavor.
  • All-Wise Meadery “Dirty Show” Mead (750ml): 
    WThis 2019 blend is unfiltered, made with a base of orange blossom honey, and aged in American oak. Silky and substantive on the palate, this one will keep you coming back for more. 
  • “Dragon Heart” Mead by Crafted Artisan Meadery (500ml):
    The culmination of over 6 years of award-winning experience by head mead maker Kent Waldeck. The natural sweetness of wildflower honey mingles with the flavorful fury of apple cider, tart cherries and raspberries. 

  • Meridian Hive Cherry Mead (250ml):
    Austin, Tx-based Meridian Hive produced this complex, mouthwatering mead from plump, dark cherries mixed with blend of all natural vanilla, cinnamon and almond. 

Ships only in New York State.

The Greene Grape

Greene Grape Wine & Spirits, located in its original storefront on Fulton Street, offers hand-picked, hand-crafted wine and spirits from small-batch makers. Our focused catalog is carefully chosen, each bottle tasted and considered before it is placed on our shelves. Our team has a passion for well-made wine and spirits that demonstrate tradition, innovation, and sustainable viniculture. We select wine and spirits that surprise and inspire us while offering exceptional value.


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