Spritzatto Aperitivo Originale

This blend of sparkling white wine, Italian aperitivo, and soda water creates a stunning deep ruby orange hue that is as beautiful to look at as it is to sip. Scents of fresh citrus, herbs, and ripe tropical fruit combine to wash over the palate balanced by zesty orange, grapefruit, and just the right amount of bitterness. Packaged with an easy open twist-cap, all you have to do is twist, pour over ice, and enjoy on the stoop, in the backyard, at the beach or wherever friends and good times gather.


Growing up in an Italian-American family, Michael Votto dreamed of Italy, but it wasn’t until a semester abroad in college when he  was finally able to visit the land of his ancestors. Years later, after founding Votto Vines, he still remembers his first spritz, enjoyed at cafe in Rome. Votto worked with the local wineries he’d come to know through years of importing to develop a recipe that captures not only the essence of Italy, but the classic spirit of the spritz.



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