Poggio Al Sole

Sangiovese Bianco 2023


This ain’t your everyday Sangiovese. The rustic red giant of Tuscany takes on new life in this entry, produced by the Davaz family. Made from hand-harvested Sangiovese, picked earlier than their rosso brethren, and pressed immediately after harvest to preserve freshness without bitter, green notes. The resulting white wine is bright and elegant, with notes of sweet herbs and ripe white and yellow fruit, white cherry, lemon blossom, and a bit of sweet herbs. Try this one with oysters or summery salads. 

Poggio Al Sole

Comprising 31 hectares of mostly woods, with about 24 hectares of organic Sangiovese, near Badia a Passignano, an old Benedictine Abbey, the wines of Poggio Al Sole are singularly precise and expressive, the perfect combination of German-Swiss precision and Tuscan soul.

Poggio Al Sole is a project from Johannes Davaz, who grew up in eastern Switzerland, where the Rhine River tumbles out of the Alps to feed a family vineyard whose rows of pinot noir shaped his life from earliest childhood. By the time he began his formal training, he’d been helping his parents in the vines and cellar for as long as he could remember. But he had a dream of his own, and at 29 he went hunting for a place to plant it. The rest is history and the result of a lot of hard work. 


Tuscany, Italy

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