Sambucese Grillo 23


Grillo is an indigenous varietal to Sicily, long ignored in favor of other grapes that produced higher yields. However, here is a great example of how this unique grape is making a comeback due to a shift in winemaking that puts the fruit and terroir first. Light and easy-drinking, with notes of lemon zest and sweet herbs, Sambucese Grillo is an exceptional value wine made for everyday enjoyment.


Born in the historical town of Sambuca di Sicilia, Charlie Verde left with his family as a young boy to live in America, like many Italians did in the late 1960s and 70s, to seek the American dream. Years later, he returned with his wife and children and instantly reconnected with the place he once called home. It was then he fell in love with the island of Sicily and its rich history and agriculture. Verde Imports understands that not only is quality of their products important, but quality of the people they work with, as well. Every grape vine growing on Sicilian soil embodies the full essence of the island’s riches. 


Sicily & Veneto, Italy

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