Vignoble des Agaises

Ruffus Brut Chardonnay NV

Back in 2002, the first two hectares of Chardonnay grape variety were planted on the unique terroir of the “Terres Blanches” or white lands, name given by the calcareous white soil in Haulchin in Belgium’s Wallonia region. Today, Ruffus is one of Belgium’s most popular, and most prestigious sparkling wines, and with good reason. Clear, brilliant, and lemon yellow in the glass, the wine is expressive, with notes of gold apple lemon zest, ripe peach, and biscuit, finishing long and smooth. An excellent aperitif, this Belgian bubbly is also a great partner for poultry, seafood, and even dessert. Sustainable.

Vignoble des Agaises

Vignoble des Agaises was the first wine estate ever planted in the Wallonia region of Belgium in 2002, however its roots and distinguished terroir are much older. The vineyard is located in Haulchin, between Binche and Mons, at a place known as “Les Agaises.” This hillside, very rich in limestone and with south exposure, is where Lord Jean Ruffus reigned in the 12th century. At the forefront of the wine-growing renewal in Belgium, the winery, which as been dedicated exclusively to sparkling wine, has gradually expanded to reach more than 35 hectares today, becoming the largest vineyard in the country. In 2015, the winery received the title of “Chevalier du Mérite Wallon” or Knight of Walloon Merit, “for having brought honor to the Wallonia region” and contributed to its international reputation for winemaking.


Haulchin, Belgium

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