Rocamadre Pet Nat 2021

This fun and crisp Pinot Noir pet-nat hails from Argentina’s Paraje Altamira region. Light and refreshing, the wine opens with red fruit and notes of citrus zest and white flowers. Sustainably produced, this wine is a great partner or semi-firm cheeses, salads, poultry, and even barbecue. 


Rocamadre was founded in the foothills of the Andes Mountains at 3,600ft above sea level in the region of Paraje Altamira, which has a continental climate, bright sunlight, mineral-rich soils and scarce rain -- a perfect environment for growing vines. Helmed by 4th generation winemaker Juanfa Suarez with his partner, Cecilia Duran, the winery practices sustainable farming and winemaking with indigenous yeast. They rely on Andean meltwater to irrigate their crops.


Paraje Altamira, Argentina

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