Appalachian Gap

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey


A rich whiskey, reminiscent of bourbon and Irish whiskies, but with a character all its own. This smooth sipper opens with crisp autumn fruit notes that gain spice and warmth on the palate, developing flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, and leather and tobacco notes like a fine old red wine, with a lingering sweetness and hint of char. The finish is warm, with sweet spice and nutty notes followed by a clean burn

Appalachian Gap

in 2010, to take a break from their active and busy lives, founders Lars Hubbard and Chuck Burkins took a class on distilling one weekend in Geneva, NY. What began as fun became a mild obsession, and now has become a business built by hand to make the best spirits they possibly can. As for the name? The Green Mountains in their native Vermont form the backbone of the northernmost Appalachians, and the Appalachian Gap itself—a mountain pass—is one of the highest points of Vermont near them.



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