Powers Whiskey

Powers Irish Rye Whiskey

The world’s first 100% Irish rye whiskey is here! This new expression from Powersbalances the earthy, peppery character of rye with the sweetness from seasoned American oak cask-aging. On the nose, burnt orange, maraschino cherries, and toffee banana with rich warming notes of freshly baked rye bread, buttered croissants, and charred oak. Robust spices of clove, white pepper, and ginger are met with sweet vanilla and earthy sugar cane aromas. On the palate, Candied ginger with orange peel, clove spice, and peppermint. Caramelized apples with brown sugar, sweet cereal, and red licorice notes build while the vanilla and charred oak influences work in balance with the rye signature spices. The finish is long and satisfying, with a prickle of chili oil that continues to linger for a time in the company of honey-glazed fruits and hardy cereal undertones. Ready for a new Old Fashioned? Check this one out.

Powers Whiskey

The first Irish whiskey ever to be bottled, Powers has a history dating back to 1791. With a range of single-pot still whiskies as well as a premium triple-stilled blend, Powers has been described as one of the top five whiskies in the world. How has Powers lasted for over two centuries? By making its bold, complex whiskey the right way. 



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