Pied a Terre

Pied à Terre Cab. Sauv. 2016


Pied à Terre (meaning “foot to earth”) embraces the philosophy that “the farmer’s footprint is the best fertilizer” ie. that attention to detail and meticulous care in the vineyard provide the most important foundation for making great wines. This elegant and elevated Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a small selection of notable Sonoma vineyards: Aunt Cathy’s, Nimble, and the Grable vineyards. The resulting wine features intense aromas of blueberry, black cherry, vanilla, and pencil shavings with a rich, sweet mouthfeel and incredible length. A perfect complement to hearty meat dishes.

Pied a Terre

Utilizing three of the best vineyards in Sonoma, Pied à Terre produces wines that are not manipulated, wines of restraint, and wines with soul, headed up by Brooklyn-born winemaker, sommelier, and wine buyer Richard Luftig.


Sonoma, California

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