Domaine Font-Mars

Picpoul de Pinet 2021


Picpoul de Pinet is located in France’s Languedoc region; one of the few named after the grape varietal that is most common there. In the past the grape was not known to create anything special, but thanks to modern vinification and the passion of vignerons like Jean-Baptiste de Clock, Picpoul has become a fave among wine drinkers -- and for good reason. This refreshing white is crisp and delicate, with notes of ripe apple, hay, tropical fruits, white and yellow flowers, and crushed oyster shell. This is the perfect, value-driven everyday white wine. 

Domaine Font-Mars

The passion for the profession of winegrower is an old tradition in the Clock family. Of Dutch origin, Jean Clock, who came to settle in Bordeaux in 1679, chose to cultivate a vineyard in the region. Subsequently he was naturalized French in 1686 by King Louis XIV, the latter having appreciated the quality of his wines. Among his descendants, Jean-Baptiste-Alexandre was ennobled in 1757 as "Advisor Grand Secretary to the King". Many generations of winegrowers had succeeded when Léon de Clock, by his marriage to Camille de Vulliod in 1949, took over the vineyard of the Domaine. "Château Font-Mars", located in the territory of Mèze, had been operated until then by the ascendants of Camille since 1864. Jean-Baptiste de Clock, their youngest son, is currently the owner.


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