La Sapata Winery

Petiant Artizanal Babeasca Neagra Rosé 2021

  • Organic
  • Vegan
Romania has a long, fascinating history and an extensive tradition of winemaking, especially in the Danube Delta, which is home to this enchanting pet-nat rose from Umbrian-born winemaker Roberto Di Filippo. Made from organically farmed Băbească neagră, this dry bubbly offers notes of fresh and fragrant notes of cherries, strawberries and cream, and is balanced by fine balance and minerality. An easy sipper for any occasion.

La Sapata Winery

Romania has a long, fascinating history, especially in the Danube Delta, which is home to this 20-hectare vineyard and winery. However, decades of Cold War and economic difficulty have led many Romanians to emigrate to the cities for work, abandoning the country’s rich land and tradition of winemaking. Winemaker Roberto Di Filippo of Plani Arche and agronomist Roberto Pieroni fell in love with this land and its people years ago and built La Sapata here to not only explore natural wines in this unique terroir but also to create jobs for the many women in this community. In Roberto Di Filippo’s words: “By helping prevent … exodus [to the cities] and by managing to ensure work for the population, the important tradition of wine production in the region need not be lost.” His Umbrian wine is Plani Arche. Natural viticulture is his life, and he has made his dream into reality. He spends his time with the horses who help him cultivate the vineyards in both Italy and Romania.


Dobrogea, Romania

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