Otto's Constant Dream

Otto's Dream Pinot Noir 21

750 ml
New Zealand is just a baby among wine-producing countries, not planting grapes in large quantities until the 1970's. Very quickly the country became known almost exclusively for its light, refreshing Sauvignon Blancs. Today, New Zealand grows a number of different grape varieties, but Pinot Noir is the red wine grape that has really thrived. Part of its success can be attributed to the fact that New Zealand Pinot is not trying to be red Burgundy, but rather embracing its own style and reflecting its own unique climate and soil. Some characteristics commonly found are a fuller body, fruitier palate and hints of spice. This Pinot has cherry with a nice touch of herbs on the palate and a tart raspberry finish. Young and fresh, this is great with a number of different foods including spicy sausage, roast chicken or even barbecue.

Otto's Constant Dream

All Otto's Constant Dream wines are sustainably farmed, estate fruit, that reflect an artisanal example of Marlborough. OCD is the wine that launched Communal Brands.


Marlborough, New Zealand

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