Oro de Lidia

Oro De Lidia Anejo


The Rivera family has been known for their expertise of the process of cultivating and harvesting the finest agaves for four generations; they grow some of the finest Tequilana Weber Azul plants in the region. In 2006, the family expanded their skills to distilling as well, and their craft tequila was born. The Rivesca distillery is located in the heart of the finest Mexican tequila region of Amatitan, Jalisco. They are fortunate to be able to irrigate their agave fields with water from the natural springs of the Tequila volcano, which has unique characteristics that add to the fine taste of tequilas distilled from the agave in the region. Each tequila is oxygenated, chilled to 4º C, then filtered through activated carbon filters before bottling, and aged for months, or even years in French and American oak to provide deep and rich flavor. This Anejo, aged for 1-3 years, is floral on the nose, with aromas of lavender, spice, and orange blossom. The palate is smooth and velvety, with enticing notes of black cherry and vanilla.

Oro de Lidia

Oro de Lidia was created for the celebration of Fiesta Brava, the centuries-old Spanish bullfighting event. The bravest of all matadors that survives the largest, meanest, toughest bull—el Toro Bravo, or el Toro de Lidia, a special breed of cattle bred only for bullfighting—is honored with a dance from the festival's most cherished women.



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