Neversink Spirits

Neversink Select Cask Finish Bourbon 750ml

Local New York (Portchester) superstars Neversink Spirits are at it again! This bourbon is finished in Apple Apéritif Casks, the marriage of a wheated bourbon finished in casks previously used to age Apple Apéritif; Neversink’s spin on the French classic, Pommeau. The Apple Apéritif, is a blend of cider and brandy, combining the best of both worlds: the concentrated apple flavors found in brandy and the fresh and tannic apple character that comes from the heirloom cider. The wheated bourbon is a perfect canvas for apple highlights found in the aperitif cask. The mellow complexities of wheat meet spice and vanilla from the new American oak and are rounded out for a fuller bodied spirit by the Apéritif. A hint of sweetness closes out every perfect sip.

Neversink Spirits

Originally a passion project between longtime friends Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino, Neversink Spirits has grown into one of the most distinguished New York Craft Distilleries. Always seeking to marry the youthful spirit of New York with old world traditions, Neversink has succeeded in making beautifully nuanced spirits that feel familiar while still being entirely their own.


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